Age of Empires II 2v2 comp

Hear ye hear ye! The Barracks is running its first ever Age of Empires II comp on Thursday 21 April from 6pm. Whether a lowly peasant or a venerable old king, come along and play some classic RTS on LAN and maybe win a bar tab or LAN party voucher to share with your friends!

Early registration is essential. Scroll to the bottom of this post to register.

Entry cost: $20 per team ($10 per player)
Prizes: 1st place – choice of $100 bar tab at Reload Bar & Games or $100 LAN party voucher at The Barracks. 2nd place: choice of $50 bar tab at Reload Bar & Games or $50 LAN Party voucher at The Barracks.
Comp Format: Double Elimination
Version: Original AOE2 w/ Conquerors expansion
Game Type: Random Map
Map Type: Mix of good tournament maps (suggestions are welcome)
Map Size: Standard (4 players)
Difficulty: Normal
Resources: Standard
Population: 200
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Dark Age
Victory: Standard (may be changed to Score or Time Limit due to time contraints if there are heaps of teams)
Lock Teams: Enable
All Tech: Disable

We’re chosen what we think are the best settings, but we’re open to suggestions from experienced AoE2 players.