It’s a good idea to make a booking if you plan to come in during one of our busiest times (Thursday to Saturday, school and public holidays) or if you are bringing a group of friends. Just call us on 62572008, email us at or send a message to our Facebook page and we will reserve your seats.

Tips for a successful booking:
  • Be on time, or better yet come a bit early so you can start on time.
  • If you have special seating requirements e.g ‘all in one row’ or ‘on opposite sides’ (no screencheating!) let us know in advance.
  • Check our games list and work out what you might want to play in advance. Some games can only support a certain number of people – this information is on the games list. This will save you wasting a lot of time at the start of your booking working out what you will play.
  • Some games are not officially supported. Check the games list! If the game you want to play is in the ‘supplementary’ category, let us know in advance so that we can make sure its updated and working properly. We can also install games for you if we have advance notice.
  • If you have a big group, consider sticking to the LAN classics. They support heaps of people and are very simple to get started. A lot of newer games use 3rd party online services like Origin or IWnet that can cause problems or make it confusing to invite friends. The classics might not have the latest graphics, but they really shine in big groups and you will have so much fun playing them that you won’t miss the latest fog shading effects.