Data Services

Do you need to download or upload a lot of data, but your internet connection is too slow? We can help!

With our blazing fast 100mbps down/40mbps up NBN connection we have the answer to all your data needs. Our data services can be used to download or upload any files you need, whether game installs/updates, bulk photos, movies, or anything else.

You can bring your own desktop or laptop to connect to our network. Alternatively you can bring a portable device, download to our systems, and transfer the files to your device.

Our standard PC rates rates apply, plus $1/gb download rate or $2.5/gb upload rate, rounded up to the nearest gb. To see our standard PC rates please click here.

Please note that any content used for this service must be legal, and you must own the rights to use it – we don’t allow the downloading of any pirated movies or games for example.