Planetside 2 Server Stack – Thursday 28 April

Planetside 2 has always been a popular game at The Barracks but one that we’ve never given much love to – mostly because it’s hard to run a comp for a game with so many players!

Well, we decided we don’t need to run a comp to throw a fun event for players of SOE/Daybreak’s free MMOFPS – we can just get a whole bunch of players into the same room, stack a server, and try to dominate it all night with a massive crew.


Join us this Thursday 28 April for our first ever Planetside 2 server stack. All are welcome, from veterans to new players. Maybe you’re an experienced player looking to meet friends to play with, or maybe you’re interested in the game but haven’t given it a try yet. Come along, meet new players, learn more about the game (or pass on your skills), and most importantly have a great time!

Entry fee: $15 for 7pm – midnight of Planetside 2 gaming
No booking required – first in best dressed on the night.
Pizza available – order on arrival
Cold drinks, snacks and munchies available