To use our PCs you must first make a user account. Its quick and easy to create and lets you log on to whatever PC you want. When you are done you log yourself off,  and your unused time stays on the account for you to use later.

You can open a  Basic account by adding $5 worth of time (60 minutes). With a basic account you can add time at a rate of $5 per 60 minutes. This time does not expire – it stays on your account until it is used.

We also have the following Offers available. Offers expire after 24 hours, so you have to use it withing 24 hours or lose it.

4 hour offer: $15.00
6 hour offer: $20.00
10 hour offer: $30.00
Early Bird 3 hour :$10*
Early Bird 5 hour: $15*

*Early Bird specials are only available Monday – Friday before 2pm and must be used before 7pm.

You can upgrade your account to a Member account for $15 (or $10 if you are a student). With a member account you can add time at a rate of $5 per 75 minutes – a bonus 15 minutes over a basic account.

Members also get supercharged offers, which do not expire – so members can bulk buy time for very cheap prices, and use it as they like

Member 4 hour offer: $15.00
Member 6 hour offer: $20.00
Member 10 hour offer: $30.00
Member 20 hour offer: $50.00
Member 36.5 hour offer: $85.00
Member Early Bird 3 hour :$9
Member Early Bird 5 hour: $12


Downloads: Regular computer charges apply plus 50c per gb, rounding up to nearest gb.

Uploads: Regular computer charges apply plus $1 per gb, rounding up to nearest gb.

Please click here for details on downloading or uploading bulk data.


A4 Black & white print / copy: 20c per page

A4 Colour print/copy: 50c per page

Scan documents: $1 per page for the first 5 pages, 50c per page thereafter

Console / PC updating: See bulk uploads & downloads above

Need something not listed here? Call us on 62572008 and we’ll do our best to help you.