With over 15 years experience building & servicing computers, the lowest prices,  a convenient city location and late open hours, we are here to help. 

  • Laptop screen repair and replacement
  • Power jack repairs & other power issues
  • Spilled liquid disasters
  • Overheating issues & dead fans
  • Laptop keyboard, motherboard etc replacement
  • Dead hard drives and Windows startup problems
  • Data recovery, backup and transfer
  • Preventative cleaning, servicing & maintenance
  • Performance optimization & system upgrades
  • Plus new system builds, virus removal, and all other computer services you require

Please click the button below to lodge a job – we will reply with a free price indication.


Free price indication
We will give you a free price indication based on visual inspection and general experience.  If device disassembly or software troubleshooting is required  then we must charge an inspection fee of $90.

Other Services

We can fix all sorts of things not listed here, from projectors to amplifiers and many other things besides. Drop a repair form in, or give us a call.

Custom builds: We will work within your budget to build the best gaming or office PC you can get for your dollar. Our service includes sourcing and ordering all components, building the system and installing Windows and all your drivers plus basic apps.

Gaming consoles: Perhaps you’ve jammed your disc tray or have some other problem. Bring it in and let us fix it for you.

If you’d rather talk to us in person then call 0262572008 or visit us at 36 Northbourne Ave from 11am – Midnight 7 days a week.


  • Any verbal quote (price indication) we provide is a guide based on the limited information given by a customer. A verbal quote is intended to give the customer an estimate of the price, and is not an assurance that the product or service will be sold at that price.
  • written quote is a guarantee that the product or service will be provided at that price, and is valid for 7 days.
  • We will attempt to inform you of all possible price options prior to providing any service based on the information provided to us by you. We will also notify you of any required actions that would increase the cost of the service prior to taking action.
  • Any piece of advertising material stating a fixed price for a product or service is valid only for the period stated on the advertising material or at the date of publication.

Terms, Conditions,  Guarantees and stuff to protect you and us.

We’re a small local business that fully understands the importance of customer satisfaction. In the event that there is an issue with our service  we will do everything we can to make sure you walk away happy – that is our commitment to you.  It’s not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense too – happy customers tell their friends and leave good reviews.

You are protected by the Australian Consumer Guarantee, which means that our services must be provided with due care and skill , must be fit for the specified purpose, and must be delivered within a reasonable time. Nothing in our terms and conditions can override these rights – so you’re well covered.

On rare occasion a device brought to us for service may have unforeseen issues that come to light part way during the service. For example, you might drop your laptop and break its screen, and after we fix the screen we discover that the hard drive is also damaged from the fall.  Or maybe there’s a developing fault that has not been noticed until the device is brought in to us for some other reason.

Similarly,  a part we order might arrive faulty or the supplier might send us the wrong part.  If this happens we will organise a new part to be provided, or refund you if you choose to cancel the service.

We can’t be held liable for these sort of problems, but we will work hard to resolve them for you!

  • We offer a 7 day warranty on all computer repair services, however any fault deemed to have resurfaced or occurred as a result of miss-use by the user, will not be covered by this warranty. We will determine whether an issue has not been resolved correctly or has resurfaced or occurred as a result of miss-use.
  • We cannot be held liable to the customer or any third party for any accidental, consequential or indirect damages resulting from the provision of the service. This includes but is not limited to: damage to hardware, corruption or damage to software, data loss or data corruption, any damages related to downtime, interruption of business services, loss of profit or damage to goodwill.
  • We will notify you of required services and associated costs after diagnosis. If you agree to these services and costs, and we start the work, we reserve the right to refuse a refund should you decide to cancel the service.
  • If we are unable to successfully perform a service, all fees associated with the service will be waived.
  • Advanced diagnosis fees are not refundable, even if we determine that the device is not economically viable to repair or cannot be repaired – the diagnosis fee covers the time required to reach this conclusion.
  • It is up to our sole discretion to decide whether any of the above conditions have been met.
  • Payment for our goods or services can be made via paypal, cash, EFT or credit card. Payment must be made directly on completion of work, or at the time requested by us. No credit terms are provided without prior approval from management. Prices for services provided by us might vary depending on the issue.
  • All goods supplied by us are charged separately from the services.  A 10% ordering and handling fee applies to all parts supplied by us.
  • Our services are charged at an hourly rate and have a minimum charge of 1 hours labor.
  • We will not be responsible to you or any third party for any breach of any software license in respect of software provided to us by you to be installed on your computer. You warrants that you has a valid license in respect of such software and shall indemnify us against any loss, damage, costs, harm or other expense whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly as a result of our installing software at the your request.
  • Urgent/ High Priority servicing requests are honored on a best effort basis, but may not always be possible due to illness or periods of staff leave. We apologize in advance if we are unable to meet the deadline requested and will waive the Urgent/ High priority fee in such cases.






Privacy Policy & terms of Service for our job logging system

We have created our own job logging app based on Google Forms to allow customers to submit their repair job details and to allow our technicians to record work done and notify customers of updates to their repair jobs. When you click the ‘request repair job’ or ‘request pc build’ buttons above you will be taken to the first form of this system. This systems requires us to collect the names, email addresses and phone numbers of our customers.

Google requires us to have a privacy Policy and Terms of Service for this app. Please click here to view our privacy policy & terms of service.